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Over the years, we’ve been building an excellent reputation as one of Canoga Park neighborhood trusted companies when it comes to repairing various forms of residential and commercial appliances. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to all the residents and believe that a reputation as being trustworthy, honest and reliable service technicians is the formula to success. By being reliable, we have been able to operate a profitable business that effectively serves our community at large. We are your best bet when it comes to receiving quality services around Canoga Park who has a proven track record. We fix any appliances you put in front of us no matter how complicated it may look. We’ll diagnose, explain the issue, give you the estimate and repair the appliance on the same day. Our technicians are highly trained and courteous. We promise to leave you happy and giving you fair pricing is also relevant to us.

If your home is located in or near Canoga Park, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you! We are proud to inform all our clients and residents in Canoga Park that you don’t have to search “appliance repair near me” again. All you have to do is call us, and our experts will show up on time to repair your appliance. Our certified technicians are fully committed to assisting you in taking good care of your resources by providing the most affordable and thorough resolutions to your appliance requirements.

Refrigerator Repair: customers experience a variety of refrigerator problems that can disrupt their daily activity and needlessly cost them extra time and money. A malfunctioning refrigerator can impact the ability to adequately store food which can lead to unhealthy diet or wastage of food. For your prompt, reliable and quality refrigerator repair, contact us immediately.

Freezer Repair: if your freezer stops running or start leaking, hire us for your prompt, reliable freezer repair service at a competitive price.

Washer Repair: there are a number of reasons that could result to the breakdown of your washing machine. Canoga Park Appliance Repair team is ready to provide reliable and affordable freezer repair services regardless of what causes the damage.

Quality Refrigerator Repair

Ice-Maker Repair: if your ice-maker is troubling you and making your time full of stress, we are experts in commercial and residential ice-maker repair services and available to assist you in ensuring that your ice-maker provides the refreshing flavor of ice cold drinks to your satisfaction.

Oven Repair: You will have access to adequate oven repair in Canoga Park from our repair company if your oven stop working or develop any fault. Our technician will efficiently fix your oven irrespective of the brand and model of your appliance. Contact us for your reliable oven fixing at affordable prices.

Stove Repair: Home appliances are important in your home because they help in the task. Therefore, when your stove stops working, you do not need to create extra budget for your household by buying a new one.

Canoga Park

All you need to do is to contact us for your stove repair and our specialist will quickly restore it by delivery professional service at a reasonable rate.

Range Repair: Contact us for your range repair at reasonable rates. We offer a same day repair to completely satisfy you without any stress.

Microwave Repair: Do you need repair for your damaged residential or commercial microwave, we are your local trusted microwave repair experts nearby. Just give us a call today and you will be glad you did!

Dishwasher Repair: We offer professional and reliable dishwasher repair service that specializes in effectively fixing and maintenance of variety of dishwater types and brands.

Dryer Repair:  Like every other appliance in our home, dryers require constant cleaning and maintenance in order to operate at it optimum. Get in touch with us for your dryer repair. Our professionals are skilled to effectively repair all types of dryer malfunction on the same day to ensure certainty and peace of mind.

Wine Cooler Repair: We are readily available to assist you with your wine cooler repair to ensure that you always chill your wine to optimum storage and serving temperatures without any stress.

Canoga Park

Benefits Of Hiring Us

Save Money: It has been documented that repairing an appliance nearly always costs considerably less than a full replacement. It is cheaper to repair an appliances such as refrigerator, freezer, oven, washer and many other appliances, than replacing them. Our professional technicians will assist you in saving your money happily compared to replacing your faulty appliances. Repairing is also less wasteful than replacing. You will also save money on energy consumption. The major benefit of applying for our service is that our services our very affordable to everyone.

Restore Efficiency: Another major benefit of repairing your appliance is that it ensures an extended lifespan of your appliances. Over time, an appliance will either develop fault or not operate efficiently as it once did.

Regular services and repair can make certain that the appliance efficiently operates for a long time without you having to replace over and over again. With the assistance of our certified team of experts, you will have your appliance running at it optimum as it has in years at affordable prices.

Safety: We pride ourselves in our ability to offer you safety. We understand that a malfunctioning appliance can be hazardous and trying to repair it by yourself can lead to casualty. This is why it is advisable to contact a professional with the right tools and the accurate knowledge on how to uniquely take good care of the faulty appliance. With the aid of our team of experts, you can be rest assured that the job is done right.

Comprehensive solution: You need not have to search for companies that will come and assist you in repairing your appliance. All that is required of you is to contact us and fix an appointment, we will offer comprehensive solutions for all maintenance needs. Our technicians are highly skilled, licensed and insured. We are dedicated to offering our clients a wide range of safe and reliable repair solutions at affordable prices.

Enjoy the Same Appliances: If you like your existing appliance due to one reason or the other. Just because you’re having problems with any of your appliance doesn’t mean it is time to replace them. Having them repaired will be more pleasing than having to replace them with new ones. Our trained and experienced technicians are ready to deliver high standard maintenance, fixing, review and restore any commercial and home appliance functionality problems. We are your trusted local repair experts nearby that are dedicated to guarding your home comfort and excellent feeling.

Why Choose Us

Low Costs: For all our customers, the best thing about our quality service is that we keep our cost at easily affordable and competitive rate. Our team is always committed to working hard and satisfying our customers at reasonable rates. We understand that price is one of the primary concerns that customers feel when considering any repair company. This is why we ensure service agreements with our customers before starting the repair process to avoid any surprise charges which may inconvenience our clients. With all our customer satisfaction being our priority, we offer a free and no-obligation quote on all your project. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide you quality and affordable repair services.

Canoga Park

Trusted, Licensed, Insured and Certified Professionals: We understand that you will need a team of expert that you can trust, since you are inviting us into your home or business space. This is a major reason why we run a full background check on all our technicians to ensure they can be trusted. Our team also have many years of experience and are trained to provide professional and courteous service for any type of appliance you own, irrespective of their brand or model.

Quality Repair On a Variety Of Brands: Our team of experienced and trained repair technicians are licensed to repair an extensive variety of makes and models of appliances. We are aware that you will like your repair to last for many years, this is why we adapt the usage of the highest possible quality parts to perform our job at a pocket friendly price without sacrificing the required quality.  We will complete the repair on time to avoid any form of disruption to your daily activities.

Service Guarantees: If any of your appliance is beyond the scope of repair, we will sincerely inform you of the reasons and ask you to get a new appliance instead of wasting money on repeated repair processes. We back up the quality of our work by offering you guarantee on every repair. At Canoga Park appliance repair in Los Angeles, California, your satisfaction is always our highest priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately and schedule an appointment today or learn more about our services!

Los Angeles CA Appliance Service Customers Feedback

Victor Rice

5 star rating

My dryer was giving me problems so I decided to give AnB Appliance Repair a try. They were friendly. They were willing to work around my schedule. They came within 24hrs. They fixed my dryer within an hour. I will definitely call them again if I need another repair!

Carlos Mason

5 star rating

VERY responsive! I called the guys on Thursday afternoon for a dishwasher issue and they came by the next day to diagnose the problem. Turns out I needed a new motor, which the guys ordered, picked up on a Saturday morning, and installed right away.

Marcus Stone

5 star rating

I had a hard time finding someone who would work on my stove be course it was quite old. The repairman arrived during the time they said he would, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it for a reasonable price. I will definitely use them again!
Thank you!

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